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Sky lanterns in Kadapa town

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Saturday, April 6, 2013

How to make sky lanterns

It all needs some Kite papers, glue, binding wire, Cotton cloth, wrapping foil and vegetable oil (palm oil).
You can make the lantern in different amazing shapes. A simple cylindrical one with flat top, cube like with flat or pyramid top, balloon shape,pumpkin shaped,multicolored,Heart shaped, pentagonal with pyramid top etc. You can even add smilies or scary face on lanterns  with cut papers.

Secure these things

Thin color papers six numbers, Thin metal wire, Adhesive, cutting pliers,  cotton cloth, Vegetable oil.

Lets start making.

Make four big  rectangular pieces and four triangular pieces with color paper as shown in picture and arrange them side by side for gluing them.All the four pieces should have equal measurements.
Apply glue along the edges as thin streak. Avoid excess glue or it may soften the paper and may take long time to dry. Attach two rectangular pieces first and triangular pieces upon them as shown. Switch off the fan or put it to low speed or the papers may fly off.

Join all the four pieces together and now carefully glue the edges of triangular pieces together. Take help of your friend in doing this. You will find the balloon taking its form.

When gluing is completed your flying lantern should look like the one below with pyramid top and open bottom.Leave the lantern for some time so the glue drys off.
Measure the length of lantern at bottom and cut and bend  thin metal wire according to the size and measurement. The best metal wire is binding wire used by rod benders. It is available in hard ware shops.Fix the bent wire by folding up the paper edges and applying glue. you can also make circular bottom but needs little patience.

.The circular ring now carries the burner securely away from the paper. Wind few long pieces of waste cotton cloth around the ring tightly.Your lantern is ready to takeoff. Take it to out side for launch or test it in your car garage or apartment cellar.

Fueling the lantern: Apply vegetable oil to the wound cotton cloth using a syringe up to its full capacity. Finally add few drops of spirit or petrol for instant fire.

The take off

 You can test fly the lantern in garage or in open space. you can hold the lantern with thread tied to four corners like a kite and you can pull it back. Ask your friend to hold the lantern upright . Light the burner and allow the flame to spread on ring. You can see the lantern inflating to the hot air. When the lantern becomes light enough to take off release it with gentle push. The lantern due to heavy fuel on board will hover for few seconds and will take off slowly into sky. Avoid trails in open windy out doors. Your lantern may catch fire.

Some times your lantern may not take off ,may be because of more fuel on board or the flame is too little to heat up the balloon. The only thing you can do is wait with patience till the fuel weight decreases or the  flame boosts up gradually. If you are not using cotton cloth the lantern will never fly. Cheap cotton cloth is available in textiles shop or you can use old torn cotton Lungi. Any synthetic cloth is useless for this project.

Never increase the ring diameter of the fuel ring too much. It may burn the skirt of lantern because of big flame.The success of  lantern lies in correct formula of lantern volume, quality of fuel, diameter of lantern bottom. If lantern inner volume is small it may not get enough air pressure for lift, The metal component should have limited weight. Always try to use least gauge wire to keep weight of lantern to minimum. Use only cotton cloth. The diameter of  bottom should not be too small, it may catch fire. It should not be too big, the metal wire weight may increase. If you pay attention to these  factors success is yours.

Using a foil shield around the burner will give good protection to paper.

Try even different shapes

You can make pentagonal,octagonal or any interesting geometric shape. That just depends on your creativity.

To make your lantern stay in sky longer you need efficient fuel. Most people use paraffin soaked paper boards. You can also use a long strip of waste cloth drenched in vegetable oil wound at the center of balloon. It burns for long time and keeps your balloon on air for long time. Professional lanterns that we make are made of fire retardant paper imported, which provide complete protection while launching. The fuel cell consists of special fuel mixture which maximizes flying time approx 10 min.

Look the big colorful bag is flying!

This is my first successful multicolored sky lantern released for science day. All the parents, students  enjoyed this event when the balloon gently took off in to sky. My students and I planned to make a much bigger sky lantern. Finally we made huge 15 ft lantern after 28 days working after school hours.It was painstaking job to glue news papers all together. We gave support  to balloon with cello tape running top to bottom and horizontally. We prepared a wire basket for burner. Added waste cloth, vegetable oil, petrol .
The before day we hung it to a tree branch and tested a brief flight. The gaint paper balloon inflated to hot gases from huge flames and started floating.We shutdown the flames with water.

Today`s News paper may be tomorrows flying power!

The next day we called the media and did a successful take off before them . This event came in Enadu and Sakshi news papers. That was ever memorable event to all my students and me.


For those unfamiliar with using Sky Lanterns, it can be helpful to follow this step by step guide to how to unwrap and launch your Sky Lanterns before attempting it yourself.

Instructions for flying lantern

1. In an open-air space well clear of trees and buildings, check wind conditions Do not attempt to launch the sky lantern in heavy wind, and be aware of the change that any light wind will make to the sky lantern’s flight path (this can be greater than you may expect)

2. Open the plastic sleeve at the fold at the top and carefully pull out your Sky Lantern.

3. Carefully unfold your sky lantern, taking caution not to rip the delicate rice paper.

4. Secure the fuel cell  at the middle of the lantern using the clips provided.

5. Hold the sky lantern from the top and gently tug out the sides of the lantern to open it up, so that the flame of the fuel cell will not burn onto the rice paper

6. Lighting with two people (RECOMMENDED): Have one person hold the top of the Sky Lantern and ensure the sides are opened out enough to create a good air chamber within the sky lantern.

Lighting with one person: hold the sky lantern from the top with one hand and carefully set fire to the corners of the fuel cell using a lighter with the other.You can also  use a folded paper to light the cell.

7. Once the fuel cell has caught alight, hold the sky lantern from the top and wait for it to fill up with hot air which can take anywhere between 30 seconds and 4 minutes depending on conditions.

8. Be patient – Do not attempt to throw the sky lantern into the air – wait until you can feel it tugging away from your hands and allow more time if unsure. When you let go the lantern should fly right up into the sky.

Kung Ming, Khoom Fay or Khom Loy

Celebrate your moments with colorful sky lanterns flying in sky with glowing magical light. Ignite the lanterns and watch them soaring gently in the sky. Share the magnificent enchanting view with your family and friends.Add an element of wonder to your evening wedding festivities with an awe-inspiring display of sky lanterns. Sky lanterns are common in many Asian countries at festivals and events. They're quiet,beautiful and symbolize your troubles and worries floating away.Give your loved ones ever-memorable experience with magical glowing sky lanterns on birthday.Enjoy  the auspicious moments in the beautiful evening on your terrace with your family and friends.


Colors available:All colors
Standard dimensions 2.5 ft tall
Shape: Standard hot balloon shape
Material used: Biodegradable fire retardant paper, Bamboo hoop
Fuel cell: Square type
Flying time: Approx 9-13 min

Sky Lanterns are like mini hot air balloons. They are made of non-flammable, biodegradable material. A wick is suspended from the frame (cross hairs) which is lit enabling the flying lantern to fill with hot air and float off into the sky. They were invented in China in the 3rd century AD by a military strategist called Zhuge Liang as a way of sending signals. Since that time they’ve grown in popularity and have begun to be used at carnivals throughout the world.

A very common sight at every occasion nowadays like weddings, birthday and Valentines Day is Chinese Sky Lanterns it fits with every special occasion and it represents decorative items that make every person present in that event feel special. These are believed to provide protection against evil spirits, bringing only good things to the persons life once they are released into the sky. Be sure to make a wish as the lanterns are launched for years of good luck or just write down your wish on the sky lantern before flying it away.

Fly Sky Lanterns in a large quantity to see the real beauty of these twinkling balloons in the night sky. Be it any party, special occasion or a festival, sky lanterns adds glamor to it. Sky lanterns are a very impressive way to keep your guests entertained. 

Interested in Sky Lanterns, we have an ample supply that could add fun and excitement to your event. The sky lanterns will rise up into the sky and travel until the fuel source is used up and then float gently to the ground. No danger is posed by them for they are fire retardant. No matter the age group, they are loved and enjoyed by all. These lanterns have been used in China and Asia for years and are gaining popularity for weddings, especially those held outdoors will be memorable events when the lanterns are part of the festivities.  

Our sky lanterns fly for several miles glowing in the sky and they come down when fire stops completely.Available in all attractive colors. We supply pack of ten sky lanterns in Ten different colors with fuel cells and instructions manual.Sky Lanterns are like mini hot air balloons. They are made of  biodegradable material. A wick is suspended from the frame (cross hairs) which is lit enabling the flying lantern to fill with hot air and float off into the sky. They were invented in China in the 3rd century AD by a military strategist called Zhuge Liang as a way of sending signals. Since that time they’ve grown in popularity and have begun to be used at carnivals throughout the world.Sky Lantern are also known by a variety of different names around the world, including; Fire Lanterns, Kung Ming, Khoom Fay, Khom Loy, UFO Shaped Balloons, Fire Balloons, Candle Lanterns, Floating Lanterns, Glow Lanterns, Paper Hot Air Balloons, Chinese Flying Lanterns.